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Protecting and promoting high standards in the practice of English Maritime Law

Holman Fenwick Willan (HFW) is an international law firm and one of the world’s leading specialists in shipping, maritime transportation, insurance, reinsurance and trade.

Our shipping lawyers provide a comprehensive service to the global maritime business community. We have strength in depth approaching 200 lawyers worldwide specialising in maritime law, reflecting our long involvement in this field. HFW is pre-eminent in shipping work, having one of the world's largest practices in this area and consequently a wealth of experience in the field. The clients we represent are testimony to our continuing success and global reputation in the shipping & transport industry. In the marine sector, we represent predominantly shipowners and charterers, but clients also include P&I clubs, banks, international agencies, shipyards, charterers, cargo owners, property underwriters, governments, regulatory bodies, brokers and a multitude of marine contractors and suppliers. We believe that our ability to see both transactions and disputes in their commercial context leads to a pragmatic approach, enabling us to assist our clients in overcoming problems and reaching practical solutions.

Founded in 1883, the firm today is one of the largest operating in its chosen fields with over 450 lawyers working worldwide. The firm has a reputation worldwide for excellence and innovation and aims to deliver a practical and commercial response to the legal requirements of business throughout the world.

We have an extensive global crisis management experience and have been retained to act on most high profile shipping casualties in recent years. This includes work on collisions, salvage, wreck removal, fires and explosions, groundings, total loss, oil pollution and other environmental damage. We are retained by leading shipping companies and can quickly put together a team of the size required to respond to emergencies, so as to protect reputations and minimise legal and commercial exposure, following a casualty.

Utilising our international network of offices we have been instructed on behalf of shipowners and/or their insurers in over 120 hijackings since 2008, advising ship owners and the hull/machinery and war underwriters on the full range of legal issues that arise from piracy incidents. We strongly believe that we have been involved to a greater extent in more piracy incidents than any other single firm


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